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Saturday, November 17, 2007

50 Cent Asks: If Britney Spears Can Use The B-Word, Why Can't I?

Obviously there's been so much controversy surrounding the N-word lately, but when it comes to the B-word, 50 Cent senses something of a double standard.

The leader of the G-Unit, while on tour in London, quipped with a grin recently that nobody said anything about Britney Spears saying, "It's Britney, bitch," on the beginning of her first Blackout single, "Gimme More."

Let a rapper try to say that at the beginning of his song, chances are he might get censored.
"I guess they have their rules that apply individually to each artist separately: 'Oh no, he can't say that, 'cause he feels like that about that person,' " he said.

"But it's not a rule that applies to everybody else. Matter of fact, my next single, I'm going to start it [with], 'It's Britney, bitch!' "

Source: MTV