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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Big drop in France, and slow start in Japan for Blackout.

It was finally the sales results for Japan and it's not as much as we hoped: Britney has sold only for its 1è week Operating 26,041 copies of Blackout.It is certainly more than Celine Dion, but less than the Backstreet Boys, and therefore # 4 of the Japanese charts. With Japanese imports, sales have gathered 33597 copies.

n France, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, big fall: Blackout moves from the 13th to the 27th position for the 3rd week of sale.


For the United States, we will have the sales results tomorrow, but after HDD, Blackout is currently 19th with 39,333 copies sold at 70% discount, The album thus loses more than 10 seats. In the end, we wait in the 50000 albums sold last week.

Source: BS-Alltime