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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Britney Planning To Have Cosmetic Surgery?

The following italicized aritlce is from www.britneyzone.com:

Britney Spears is planning to spend £80,000 on cosmetic surgery. The ‘Gimme More’ singer believes having a tummy tuck, nose job, chemical peel and boob job will help boost her career.

A source said: “Britney rips pages out of magazines with pictures of the perfect body parts she wants. When she sees so many pictures of her in magazines it is impossible for her not to scrutinise every detail of her body. “She is so insecure over how much her body has changed since becoming a mother. She has said she will do whatever it takes to get back to her best even if that means getting a helping hand through surgery.”

Britney’s top-to-toe makeover is said to include £8,000 on liposuction for her thighs and chin, £12,000 on breast enhancement, £8,000 on a nose job, a £15,000 tummy tuck and £5,000 on chemical peels. Consultations with surgeons, dieticians and fitness trainers are expected to top up the total bill to over £80,000. The star’s friends are concerned with Britney’s growing obsession over her appearance and medical experts have warned cosmetic surgery doesn’t always improve self-confidence.

Source: Britney Zone/Hot As Ice