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Monday, November 19, 2007

Britney Set To Make Another Apperance On ''Simpsons''

In the year 2000, Britney was represented in the 'cartoon-series "The Simpsons," According to sources, Britney should be making a repeat appearance in the series to which Matt Groening gave life. But do not worry, it is not intended to make fun of the recent problems of the star, but on the contrary, showing the positive aspect:

Here's what says actress Yeardley Smith the alias' the voice of Lisa ':' It is time to bring back Britney in the series. However, it is usually in a positive aspect, because I do not want to start the blame. » "
In addition, here is what has been revealed to the 'Sun': "At the moment there are discussions, and if all goes well, Britney could make a repeat appearance in the series. Her appearance will be not a parody.

Source: britney-music/rte
Translation: Slave 4 Britney