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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Britney Spears Hires Private Investigator, Kevin Federline's Attorney Says He's "Not Concerned"

Kevin Federline's attorney is speaking out about a recent report that Britney Spears has hired a private investigator to dig up dirt in their ongoing custody battle.

TMZ.com first reported the news Monday.

"I think that if that is what they need to do, or have to do, to have at it," Federline's counsel, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells Usmagazine.com. "I don’t think it will, in anyway, be a good expenditure of funds. But I can’t stop that from happening."

However, he said it would be a waste of time for them to follow Federline, 29, around.
"I don’t think he would be concerned about it, and I don’t think he has to change anything he is doing in order to address that," Kaplan added.


Meanwhile, Spears' attorney Anne Kiley revealed Monday to Usmagazine.com that Spears — who has been banned from driving with her kids in the car — has decided to hire a driver to avoid any dangerous incidents with the paparazzi.

Though Kaplan said he hasn't seen that Spears, 25, has hired a driver or read Kiley's statement, he tells Us, "anything that puts the children in a car that reduces the risk ... I am all for that."
He added, "We are only concerned when she is driving the kids."

For Federline's part, Kaplan said his client tries his best not to take his kids out in front of the paparazzi. "He’s pretty good about keeping the kids at home with him unless there is really a compelling reason why they need to be going somewhere," he said.


He would not comment whether Spears will celebrate Thanksgiving with her sons on Wednesday, and Federline will have them Thursday, as reported by TMZ.com Monday.
"I think that nobody wants to be celebrating the holidays without their kids," he said. "I’m sure that will be worked out in a way that makes sense for everybody."

Source: US Weekly/Break The Ice