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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Britney Spears Thinks She Is ‘Cursed’

Britney Spears reportedly believes she is cursed. It would seem so as she has a string of problems steaming from her custody battle with Kevin Federline. A source claims Spears has been buying things she hopes will bring her better luck.

“Britney went shopping and picked out a hoodie with a print of a four-leaf clover because she thought it would help bring her luck,” a source says. “She said she needed all the luck she could get after the past few months. She joked she’d start carrying around a rabbit’s foot if it meant her ‘curse’ would go away.”

Meanwhile, Spears is having more bad luck as Federline called an emergency hearing in light of her recent red light incident. Spears was caught on tape running a red light at a dangerous intersection with her two boys and court appointed monitor in the car. Federline is requesting a driving ban be put on Spears while she has visitation rights with their children

Source: Entertainment News