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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Britney's In The Clear!

Britney Spears will not face prosecution after running a red light late last week. Spears ran a red light with her two boys in the back seat when she was driving on Coldwater Canyon in Los Angeles.

K-Fed's gangster lawyer has already requested a video tape of the incident to present to the judge as a final plea to get Spears banned from driving while she has the boys.

Spears had a cell phone covering her face and her other hand on the wheel as she passed the light. The Los Angeles Police Department will not prosecute her because, "We can't just go by someone's (video) tape.

"We have to witness it, unless it's an intersection with cameras that automatically take pictures of people running red lights, and then something gets mailed to the registered owner."

Source: Hollyscoop/Break The Ice