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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Britney's Priest

The intrepid reporters at TMZ have made a surprisingly entertaining discovery regarding Britney Spears ... well, at least indirectly. Brit Brit caused a stir among religious folk when the album artwork for her new cd Blackout was released a few weeks ago. Britters poses in two photos with a model dressed up as a priest ... in one pic, she is sitting on his lap in a seductive manner ... oooooooh. Anyways, an eagle-eyed writer at TMZ figured out that the priest model has done some previous catalog modeling before working with our dear Britney ... he has previously appeared in catalogs for International Male:TMZ has discovered the truth behind the priest and the rosary in Britney's "Blackout" CD booklet! Hail Mary! It seems that the priest in the shot has another job ... as an "International Male" model! When he's not in his vestment, he's in hardly anything at all! And as for the rosary, well, it's been blessed by the Pope himself! It's made by SpearJewelry, costs $298 and can be purchased at ShopKitson. OMG ... I *love* this story. Anyone at all familiar with International Male knows 1.) the kind of men's clothes they sell and 2.) the types of photos they print. Think of it as the gay version of the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog ... but gayer, for older dudes and tackier. True story, my best friend Sarah used to keep a copy of the catalog in her desk at work back in the day. I'm still not quite sure what she was doing with it but I'm sure she's got a great explanation.

In other Spederline news, Kevin Federline is playing the doting father these days when he's not trying to drag Britney back into court every other day every time she coughs, scratches her nose or puts his children's lives in jeopardy with her unsafe driving. Here are a couple pics of K-Fed and his mother hamming it up for the cameras each with his children that have been made available to Life and Style magazine:

Pics like these which end up as exclusives for tabloids smell of the same sort of thing that Larry Birkhead does with photos of his daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern Birkhead. Is K-Fed really this hard up for cash these days? Oh right ... Britney is cutting him off as much as she can so, yeah, I guess he is. I just feel so bad for these kids ... what are they going to think when they grow up and see how this custodial tug-o-war really went down ... it's sad to imagine that one of these cute little angels might end up in rehab while the other one ends up in jail. I wonder which one will end up where. So sad ;(

Source: Pink Is The New Blog