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Monday, November 19, 2007

Brit's Lawyer: Spears is Concerned About the "Safety and Well Being" of Her Sons

After Friday's hearing in which a judge ordered that Britney Spears is not allowed to drive with her children in the car, the pop star's lawyer has released a statement saying the decision to use a driver was one that Spears made to protect her kids.

Spears attorney Anne Kiley tells Usmagazine.com, "Ms. Spears hopes that she and Mr. Federline will be able to reach an agreement as to all matters concerning their children. She hopes that by not commenting on court proceedings the media attention in those proceedings will subside, which she requests for the safety and well being of the children."

And, in a thinly veiled reference to recent incidents in which Spears has run over the feet of paparazzi, Kiley adds, "Recent aggressive actions by individuals who have followed her and blocked her access, with and without the children, have resulted in her decision to take certain security measures which she hopes will only be necessary temporarily, for the protection of the children. Ms. Spears is grateful for and appreciates the support and well wishes of the many, many people who have extended same. "

source: us magazine/Britney Experts