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Friday, November 16, 2007

Gimme More-Peter Rauhofer Official Remix

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At last the official remix of "Gimme More" by Peter Rauhofer, a DJ who had already remixed Toxic. And it is not very bad.

Click on the link to listen to or download.

Download: Gimme More-Peter Rauhofer Mix Club

Moreover, he also released a version of this radio remix, the one currently on the Net is a fake. On a remix of "Piece Of Me", Peter said: "I am not remixing 'Piece Of Me' because I do not like it at all."

on other remixes, he added: "I am looking forward to ' Toy Soldier '. "Does this mean that" Toy Soldier "will be released as a single?

Source: Osdia
Translation: SpearsIntentions