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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is Spears Copying Michael Jackson?

LOS ANGELES — Early this year, Britney Spears received a roasting from TV host Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who warned her to stop her panty-free partying for fear of her sons growing up exposed to naughty pictures of their mother.

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And almost a year later, Boteach is back in business and urgently pushing the "Crazy" crooner to stop all the silliness.

"I can’t imagine the pain she is going through — no success can ever compensate for having your own children taken away from you," Boteach told Pop Tarts. "She is in such a bad place. Her bizarre behavior used to be interesting, but now it’s just tragic."

But according to Boteach, our Britster may very well be following in the "Dangerous" footsteps of dethroned pop king Michael Jackson.

"Britney has been out and about shopping for lots of things from chandeliers to expensive clothes, using material objects to make up for what is missing in her life very much the same way Michael did when he was buying big properties and giraffes," he said.

"I worked with Michael intensively, and I managed to get him to stop spending for six months. Michael came very close to death, and I fear for Britney in the same way. Both of them seem to be spitting in the face of the talent they are blessed with and are showing us that they don’t really want to be helped.

"What concerns me is that it took Jackson a good 20 years to deteriorate, but Britney has done it in just three or four," Boteach said.

And could Spears’ flesh-flashing also be inspired by Michael’s moves?

"Britney is very much an exhibitionist and feels like she needs that attention by going out and not wearing underpants," Boteach added. "This is very similar to Michael. Although he didn’t show his privates, he was always grabbing them on stage and it became signature to his style."

Brit, if you are reading, Boteach has some words of wisdom in his latest open-letter exclusive to Pop Tarts:

"Britney, you need to get out of the celebrity world for six months, deal with your insecurities and go cold turkey on buying material objects. Work on the basic structure of normal life — taking your sons to preschool, go to bed at a normal hour. You need to realize that the paparazzi aren’t your friends and reconnect with real people who love you just for you.

"Your friends aren’t your friends; they let you do troublesome things and don’t try to stop you. Find a spiritual center, some sort of organized religion that is mainstream. Find yourself a spiritual guide and when you are ready and have gone through all of this, you will be ready to re-enter the celebrity world."

But while we wait for her to side-step the spotlight, it seems as though our Brit Brit is causing more beep-beep blunders than we can handle, although we are pleased to say she didn’t run over anybody’s foot, run a red light or crash into anyone’s parked car this time.

Instead, a prying paparazzo on a motorcycle (who was with a pack of others chasing Britney through Beverly Hills on Monday evening) crashed with another motorcycle and was thrown off, sustaining severe injuries.

Meanwhile, pics of the pop princess from her mad OK! magazine shoot some months ago (yes, the one where she supposedly stripped down, spilled fried food on the dresses and let her doggie do his thang on the floor, y’all) have been leaked. And we must say that Spears looks more Photoshop than she does MTV flop … and we like it that way.

Source: Fox News