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Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Britney's Boys!

No, not her kids - her men! Our girl Brit certainly hasn't always had the best luck with relationships (We're lookin' at you, K-Fed!), but perhaps that's turning around with her Mirabelle's dining companion Michael Marchand? How does he compare (hottness-wise) with Britney's other flames like JR Rotem, ex-hubby Kevin Federline... and don't forget Isaac Cohen, Brit's b/f in early '07!

An X17 inside source tells us that Michael is not one of Britney's guys and that "she's just not dating anyone in general. She's got a lot of things in the air at the moment and isn't ready." Another source adds, however, that while "nothing has happened" between Brit and Michael yet, he is "on her Radar." Aww!

Does Michael seem like a possible contender for Brit's heart to you?

Whether she's single or dating, Brit seems happy either way - and that's how it should be!

Source: X17