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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Man pays $100 for Britney’s Starbucks cup!

This is a cute Brit story!

A Britney Spears-used Starbucks cup may be on it’s way to eBay after a Los Angeles teen purchased the pop wreck’s almost discarded beverage container for $100 last week.

Celebrity gossip Mike Walker reports:

BRITNEY SPEARS bounced into an LA Starbucks, ordered a vanilla latte, took one sip – and made a yuck-y face! “More vanilla,” she told the brewer, who quickly pumped her a new one. Satisfied, Brit threw El Barista a thumbs-up and split – but as he started to dump her discarded cup a male customer in line yelled: “Don’t throw that away…I’ll buy it!”

Thinking the guy was kidding, the kid aimed for the trash bin – but stopped when the guy waved a $100 bill and said: “This is for you.” Instantly, the cup was surrendered for cash – and its elated new owner whooped in triumph as he inspected his instant collectible with “BRITNEY” marked in black and…(eBay ALERT, folks!)…a pretty pink lipstick smear.

Source ONTD