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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Piece Of Me On Radio Nov.26

This week, Britney Spears bat again with a record Blackout, album that received good reviews, entering # 1 in sales in Europe and # 1 Sales digital in United States, making it the largest selling artist by a female artist in terms of sales in a week.

And watch for her new single "Piece of Me" by radio on Nov. 26.
Blackout takes the onslaught of charts around the world making Spears' the only woman to have 5 albums consecutive in the Top 2 "according to Billboard magazine.

Britney has sold more albums than other female artists digitally in the first week of marketing and Blackout is still # 1 in sales since its release Itunes.

The album is also entered the international charts: Blackout entered # 1 in Europe as well as Canada and Ireland, # 2 in the UK, France and Japan, in the Top 10 in Switzerland, Korea, Greece, Austria, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany and Belgium.

In Australia, the album entered the 3rd position, his strongest start since Oops I Did It Again released in 2000. Listen to his new single "Piece of Me" produced by the Swedish duo, Bloodshy & Avant (behind the song rewarded with a Grammy "Toxic.")

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