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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rumors: Secret Performance, Going Back With Larry?

So someone at exhale was posting translations of a poster at the Britney portugal forums and that poster at those forums is called “ZoneIce” or something, and supposedly he is another ‘insider’, but apparently hes reliable and has been reliable in the past with insider info (he’s also been a member since 2004 on that forum which IMO makes it more convincing since its not just someone who just registered at the forum). ANYWAY.. he claims that Britney is actually in talks with Larry on work-related stuff. The reason they stopped talking before was apparently that she wanted him to take a break and go on vacation with his daughter (or something along the lines of that..).Also, he said that a secret performance IS in the works, and he even posted a picture of one of the dancers that was at the millenium auditions that has been signed on to back-up dance the secret performance. He didn’t say when it was. Also he said that she will do promotion for POM.

That’s not the only source of this rumor. Another person at Pop Prodigy who is also ‘insider’ (and has been at the forum for a while also, and has had insider info before), says that one of his ’sources’ says that there will be a performance on December 20th and then something else regarding Britney on the 15th. Not sure if it will be filmed or premiered that day [20th]. He also said its not a done deal but its a real possibility that it will happen.

I’m more convinced than I was b/c 2 different sources are saying that there will be a performance coming up and their not related at all. But still take this with a grain of salt. I will keep you guys updated with what I find!

Source: Exhale/Break The Ice