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Monday, December 10, 2007

Blackout Promotion! (Rumor)

A user forum Envvy mailed this information. According to him, it would have contacts with Sony / BMG that would have revealed information about Britney and Blackout.This user had already informed us earlier on Blackout book a week before its launch and it turned out that it was all true.

According to him, Britney will not give any kind of promotion of the album until the legal battle with Kevin for his children is finished. She wants to get full custody and can not be touring until she gets the (we recall that the judge he was not allowed to leave the state of California). And it is really upset since he took her children.

There would be four singles planned for Blackout: "Gimme More", "Piece Of Me", "Radar", and "Toy Soldier." Radar "will be the 3rd single and will be launched around spring 2008." Toy Soldier "the 4th and final single will be launched in summer 2008. It's all we can tell you for now. Four singles, four videos. And a possible performance for "Toy Soldier" is under discussion.

Translation: Slave 4 Britney Source: SpearsIntentions