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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Britney's Excuse For Yesterday Is True!


So with the talk about Britney and what happened yesterday I felt I would stick up for her. Many people are saying she was lying about being sick with anxiety when she left her house last night, but I have to say I believe Britney's story about being sick. Why? Listen I've been through what she's going through. I had anxiety really bad where I would stop going places even those important to me and my future. I stopped going to school, church, quit jobs, and even stopped being around my friends because I was so scared about when my anxiety was going to pop up.

Yes, anxiety attacks can make you sick even to the point of throwing up. I have to say the reason why she got sick must of been she was really nervous about this and she letted in bottle up in her and once the time came to go she had one hell of a anxiety attack.

Believe me anxiety attacks will make you do things without thinking and things that could ruin you. Just like I dropped out of school because of my anxiety, anxiety can ruin your future. So I do know what Britney is going through.

But now I have people asking me why didn't Britney look sick last night about 2am? Well with anxiety attacks you DONT stay sick. It seems Britney is comfortable being around the paparazzi so she can deal with that. I think it was opening up for her that scared her, because we saw the same thing twice this year when she was supossed to do an interview with OK! and Allure.

Also, it was the same with me when I had my anxiety attacks I'll get them when the thing I fear is about to happen and then I don't go or do it because of the anxiety attack. But about an hour later I feel better and I would go to the mall or somewhere's fun.

Believe me anxiety is hell, and it's going to be hard to overcome. Hell I still deal with it, but Britney needs to learn that it's now something she's gonna have to live with. And she needs to learn how to lessen the affects of the attacks. I now can fully say that I know the one thing holding Britney back is her anxiety problem.

Source: Support Britney Myspace/Break The Ice