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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Don't Get It Twisted

Weekly Edition By Jenna Pixie

Okay so let me get this straight, is it just me or has this week been one of the most positive for Britney. Is December shedding a new light on Spears, has the “bad media karma” worn off on ole’ Britney? Don’t get me wrong I aint complaining, I’m just pleasantly surprise. Heck, it’s about time. Of course, there were some negative press here and there, but hey, you can’t have it all. Overall, comparing the past week with previous months, you can obviously see that not only has her lifestyle been less chaotic, but also, there’s none, if any pictures’ of Spears doing something that would make you go “hmmm” or scratch your head with disappointment and frustration. If you ask me I think Spears is getting her life back together step-by-step, slowly but surely. Which I believe is best not only for her, but for her children; to slowly transition into their new lives.

Let me break down the past few weeks for you. After spending her day bonding with the children, Spears shifted to ‘professional’ Spears and filmed her upcoming of what seems to be a hot video, “Piece of Me”. The superior-production insures that this video will be bigger and better and a fire-sure mega-hit. Once more, shifting back to being a mother, Spears has proven to be not only serious in this custody case but determined; taking all the necessary precautions such as, attending all the essential parenting classes, hiring a driver, and re-assuring the judge to keep all vital documents sealed to prevent the medias’ hands on them and to protect her children’s’ dignity.
Again, Spears shifting back to ‘single’ Britney, she has proven to be serious in getting her body back, looking fabulous on the Red Carpet, all glammed up for her 26th Birthday. Not only that, but also not forgetting to mention that she hasn’t been out paarrtying for months (not including recent holidays). Spears showing, not only to the judge, but to media critics everywhere and public alike that she has changed her old ways.

Obviously, she is serious and determined to get all aspects of her life back on order; whether that being professionally in her career, her seriousness in the custody-case, or changing her lifestyle for the better. Spears proved to be cable of juggling her responsibility accordingly.

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