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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Info On Piece Of Me Video & Promotion!!

The following below could be just a rumor....

A fan site www.britney.com.br has some news regarding the video for Piece of Me, according to one of its sources.

Britney Spears seems to have been inspired by Snow White and should speak in front of a mirrror on her new music video. According to our source, ZONE ICE, Britney, besides getting down a set of stairs running and using a very expensive piece of jewel in Piece of Me, should also use sarcasm and irony in a way only she can, in a confessional tone in front of a mirror. Zone brought us some exclusive pictures from the set as well as the mirror. Anybody still doubts this video will deliver? Soon we will post three more pictures.

The same source also says Britney is ready to perform. She's been dancing and training on Four Seasons, also getting meditations and massages. She's lost weight and is feeling more confident to return. The new tone of her hair reflects that, since on cameras, you can notice the real and fake hair when it's blonde (like on the VMA's). He also says the video is ready and that both Britney and the director are very happy with it. As last news, Radar will be the next single, then a new one, and then Toy Soldier. Break the Ice won't be a sinlge.

This is the picture of the mirror they claim will be in the video.

translated by roguey at efg

source: britney.com.br, efg, Britney Experts

If I read correctly, they are also saying the video may come out the 3rd week of December, which would be next week.