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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Janice Takes On Britney: 'Stay At Home With Your Children!'

NEW YORK, NY (December 12, 2007) – Janice Dickinson came under fire earlier this week when she called Tyra Banks “fat.” Now the mouth of the modeling world is at it again, taking aim at Britney, her own, painful childhood, and more.

“I’m the voice of the people, OK? I am the real deal, OK? I have been through a traumatic background with a horrible father who was sexually and physically abusive,” she told Access Hollywood in a new interview on Tuesday.

Janice Dickinson has always been shockingly candid about her father, who she claims was a pedophile who abused her. She also claims she was responsible for his death because she once threw away his heart medication. He died hours later.

“Yes I will keep talking about it because I know there’s at least 10 people out there — if there’s one person listening, one little child that’s being abused, maybe he can go to a priest… maybe he can go, no stay away from the priest,” Janice said.

Outspoken on her life and other people’s lives, Janice also took on Britney during our interview.

“Kids deserve a parent,” she said. “Britney! Stay at home with your children. I’m tired of seeing you in the press. And stop wearing fur coats. I’m with PETA.”

Source: Access Hollywood!