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Monday, December 10, 2007

New Song On Piece Of Me Single??

The European store your CDs online eil.com sought to know the tracklist to a version of the single "Piece Of Me" and tell us 2 songs.

1. Piece Of Me
2. Title TBC (To be confirmed)

There are rumors that the second song is the complete version of "Rebellion", others say that this will be the final version of "State Of Grace." The single released on January 7, 2008 in England, so we will know shortly.

I says it is just a rumor, so I do to inform what he said he was on the net, after it is important to weigh these words. I say that not just for that many people were disappointed and would shout to the scandal if everything is wrong.


But on the forum Envvy, someone posted a tracklist not include a B-Side, but that remixes ...
Here is the tracklist of single and Max.

1. Piece Of Me-Main Version
2. Piece Of Me-Böz o lö Remix

1. Piece Of Me-Main Version
2. Piece Of Me-Böz o lö Remix
3. Piece Of Me-Remix Bimbo Jones
4. Piece Of Me-Vito Benito Vocal
5. Gimme More - "Kimme More" - Remix feat. Lil' Kim Lil 'Kim

I would suggest more the second rumor ... Answer a few times.

Sources: HeyBritney / Eil.com / Envvy/SpearsIntentions
Translation: Slave 4 Britney