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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Some bad news

Britney Spears had better do something fast about her fading career. Her CD, “Blackout,” is No. 40 on the charts and No. 100 on Amazon.com Friday morning.

The album sold about 28,000 copies last week, and is about to expire altogether.

At the same time, the single “Piece of Me,” in which Spears baits paparazzi, is getting almost no airplay at radio stations around the country. It’s No. 10 on New York’s Z100, the premier top 40 station in the U.S.

But according to Radio and Records, “Piece of Me” is No. 36 nationwide. The single had only 879 spins. Compare that to Timbaland getting over 10,000 for his “Apologize,” and you can see the problem.

Britney has wound up spearing her pop career. Just to listen to the tape of her interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM’s Web site, conducted back on Oct. 31 when “Blackout” was released. It’s very sad. Spears can barely speak for herself, letting her babysitters Alli Sims and Sam Lutfi carry on like jackals.

Also i checked Amazon.com top sellers and sadly Blackout is No where on top 100
...hopefully the new video will help the Blackout's selling