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Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Spice Of Life

OY! Lots to get thru today so let's just get right to it ... Britney Spears appears to already be over that last new guy who she was seen with (remember, the waiter who got photographed with her and managed to get his 15 seconds of fame?) because she's already found an even newer guy ... you might already know his name:

Troubled singer Britney Spears has been spotted out shopping for a new house and has raised questions that she has turned to religion by carrying a book with a picture of Jesus on it. The mother of two dressed smartly in a dark suit-style jacket and trousers with high-heeled boots as she walked through the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. She was later spotted wearing a different outfit and carrying a book with a large picture of Jesus with her - which now has fans wondering if she has turned to religion in a bid to help her sort her troubled life. Hallelujah! She is finally getting help ... tho, I wouldn't really count on a total reversal of fortune just yet ... but if this book, I Am the Door by Paul Ferrini can help out in any small way ... I'd be much obliged. Something tells me that Jebus isn't the only new dude on Brit Brit's mind these days ...

... in fact, Brit Brit has been spending quite a bit of time with a different new guy ... a real estate agent named Robert Edie who works for Betzen and Levin Real Estate ...

It's interesting ... Britney Spears already bought, like, 5 new homes this year already ... I wonder if she really is interested in new real estate or if she is just trying to spend as much time with this hot young chap. After all, Britney's wiles aren't what they used to be ... it seems that she has to be a bit more cunning to woo gentlemen of this caliber (ie. employed). Good luck with that, Britters!!

Source: Pink Is The New Blog