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Monday, December 3, 2007

Three Videos Of Britney Celebrating Her Birthday

X17 EXCLUSIVE! Britney's Birthday Party Part 1Saturday December 1st, Britney Spears goes to a Red Carpet House Party event where she meets up with Paris and goes to back to her own Birthday Party at the Four Seasons. While entering the parking garage things get a little crazy between the paparazzi and the hotel security. Actually the security guards begin to pepper spray the photographers when they tried to get a shot of Britney.
See the video here.

X17 EXCLUSIVE! - Inside Britney Spears' Birthday Party Saturday December 1st, Britney Spears celebrates her 26th birthday at a private house party in Bel Air with her friend Ali Sims and good friend Sam Lutfi. The event was the Scandinavian Style Mansion, hosted by

See video the here.

X17 EXCLUSIVE! Britney's Birthday Party Part 2Saturday December 1st, Britney and crew party on the balcony of the Four Seasons.Later, Britney and Paris give each other warm hugs and say there goodbyes. Our photographers spot the "E" Entertainment reporter leaving and get his reactions on tonights events. After a long night of partying Britney Spears heads home for a quiet Sunday with her kids.

See the video here.

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