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Friday, January 4, 2008

Britney's New Start!!! HA, 2008 Is Turning Out The Same As 07

Brit's Men Rush to The Hospital

Britney's father Jamie and her sometimes companion Sam Lutfi are both at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center -- presumably to check in on Brit and her hospitalized son Jayden James. It's also rumored that K-Fed is there as well.
Sam Lutfi & Jamie Spears: Click to watch
Bobby Trendy also showed up ... for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Jayden Taken to the Hospital Too

Two ambulances left Britney's house bound for Cedars-Sinai -- one transporting Britney, the other had two-year-old Jayden James in it!

A car carrying Jayden's older brother Sean arrived at K-Fed's home a short time later. No word on what Jayden was being treated for.

Stay tuned ...

Britney Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!

UPDATE: Britney has arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told as she was brought out of the ambulance, she flipped off the waiting paparazzi. Oh my god. That Britney's shameless!
Britney Spears
OMG THE DRAMA! TMZ is there as Britney Spears was just wheeled out of her home on a gurney by paramedics! Why god why?!? Look at that shot of her inside the ambulance -- she's frickin' smiling!

Britney SpearsWe're told Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a "medical hold" -- essentially a mental evaluation. Cops found her earlier this evening at her home under the influence of an "unknown substance."

Cops were called to the popnightmare's home in Beverly Hills this evening after she reportedly refused to return custody of her two kids back over to their father's bodyguard. Oh the insanity of it all!

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Pandemonium Outside Brit's Madhouse

"Chaotic" doesn't even begin to describe the clusterf**k that went on around Britney Spears' home tonight as the popwreck was taken away to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance.
Britney Spears: Click to watch
TMZ was there -- and man was it crazazy!!! Our cameras also caught Sean Preston being taken away in a black VW.

Brit's Kids Are Safe, She's Under the Influence!

TMZ has learned Sean Preston and Jayden James were turned back over K-Fed tonight just before 11:00 PM PT.

We're told that while cops were at the troubled pop star's home, they discovered Spears "under the influence of an unknown substance."

Several ambulances have been called to the scene.

More Cops, Ambulance Now at Spears' House!

Britney SpearsUPDATE: Another ambulance, more fire trucks and several additional police cars have just rolled up to Britney's house. One person on the ground described the situation to us as "scary."

Holy Kramer vs. Kramer!

TMZ is at Britney's house in Beverly Hills as several more police cars, fire trucks, an ambulance and a police chopper have now all descended on the popwreck's humble abode. Don't let 'em git me!!

We've learned Spears has refused to turn her two sons back over to their daddy tonight, as ordered by the court. LAPD tells us they've been called to the home to deal with the family custody dispute.

Sources confirm to TMZ that K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan was at Britney's home earlier, but has since left.

Keep refreshing for more details!

Cops Called to Brit's House for "Custody Dispute"

TMZ has confirmed that LAPD has been called to Britney Spears' house in Beverly Hills for what we're being told is a "family custody dispute."

LAPD tells us the call came in around 8:00 PM PT this evening, but they would not tell us who made the call or what the specific problem was. Officers, we're told, are still on scene.

Spears, who was nearly two hours late for today's scheduled deposition in her custody case, was reportedly scheduled to have her sons tonight until 7:00 PM.

Story developing ...

UPDATE: Us is reporting K-Fed's bodyguards went to pick up Sean and Jayden at Britney's home this evening after her scheduled visitation, but Spears refused to turn the kids over. Police were then called. Britney's soon-to-be ex- attorney Sorrell Trope told the mag, "In a normal case when someone shows up with a certified court order saying the kids need to be somewhere else, the police see to it that the order is obeyed. But that is in a normal case."

Source: TMZ