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Monday, January 28, 2008

Support Queen B

As we all know that Britney won the NRJ award for Blackout as the Best International Album of the year which is AWESOME

Right now Britney has 3 nominations on HIT MUSIC AWARDS, one for Gimme More as best song along with Timbaland, Alicia keys and Rihanna etc and the second one for Blackout as best international album of the year along with Amy Winehouse , James Blunt, Mika.

The third one for Britney as Best Female Artist of the year which is against Alicia, Kylie , Rihanna , and Nelly.

Please lets vote for her just like we did for the NRJ let's give her 3 at the time the girl is in need of support and love, so lets show BLENDER that her fans are always there for her SO LETS START ... Click here and Vote >>>


Sage said...

Thanks for this. Incredible. Brit is WAY out in front on ALL THREE nominations. No one is even close.

What makes Blackout such a great album is that there is not a bad track on it, and that is rare these days. Most artists will put out a 12 track CD with one or two worth listening to. And that is how the recording industry has shot itself in the foot.