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Friday, April 11, 2008

Who's Talking About Britney This Week

"I sort of feel Britney has become the poster child (for mental illness). The kid is very young. She never had a childhood. She never rode a big-wheel. Rather than put her face on mental illness, or Brooke Shields - who had postpartum depression - use me."

- Rosie O'Donnell to Good Morning America


"She's not an actress. She played a role for a week, and did a really nice job, but the workload involved with doing memorization and the purging of comedy over and over is really, really hard. I mean, it takes a strong skill set to do that every week. You do it one week, it's fine, but to do it a lot of weeks is hard. She's not going to be a regular on our show... We kept the set closed to make her comfortable. So I would probably keep [conversations we had] to myself. We wanted to make sure that she didn't feel exploited from us personally. She's exploited from everyone, all the time. We had some nice times, but they were our times. If she ends up getting her own show, she has to be prepared for the work load."

- Neil Patrcik Harris in an interview to MTVnews.com


"Look at what they've done to Britney. The paparazzi and magazines have blood on their hands. They literally made her go insane. She's got classic Stockholm Syndrome - she fell in love with a paparazzo and went insane. The photographers and editors of these magazines have such bad karma. It's pretty dark."

Gwenyth Paltrow to showbizspy.co.uk


"I think she's doing great, like her appearance on that sitcom was mind-blowing - she did great, she did it again."

- Sarah Silverman to DallasNews.com

Source: Breathe Heavy