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Monday, November 19, 2007

'Break The Ice' 2 Be Released In Europe??

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Today, around about 18.00, 'Break The Ice was played on a German radio on BigFM more specifically, but not at any moment. It was the 'Record Release Days'.

I listened myself. Here's what was said exactly:
Radio Host (spoke to a girl over the phone):
"What's your opinion of Britney Spears, for example? » "

Daughter Call:
"I find it brilliant"

Radio Host:
"You find it brilliant?Have you heard of our 'music sensation' today? ‘Break The Ice’, the new Britney Spears "

Daughter Call:

Radio Host:

"Not yet?
It is brand new and not yet achieved, that is why the issue Record Release Days' and the concept is to pass the songs even before they have left. I will pass' Break The Ice 'by Britney Spears and I am almost convinced that the song you like. » "

I find it very strange, because this issue is used to move songs about to be released soon. They go ahead first, but what does it mean? That 'Piece Of Me', which is expected, and it is official.

Unless the next single is' Break The Ice '… in Europe.

Source: BigFM - "Break the Ice"/SpearsIntentions
Translation: Slave 4 Britney