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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Eagles V. Britney: Who Deserved No. 1?

Last time we checked in with readers, you responded to the following question: Now counting sales from Wal-Mart, the Eagles beat Britney Spears for No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Do you think Billboard should include titles sold only through one retailer in the album chart tally?

19,097 people voted and here are the results:

80%: No. The old method was tried and true, so it shouldn't include sales from acts like the Eagles who sold their album only through Wal-Mart stores. Britney, therefore, should have been No. 1 this week.

4%: Maybe. Billboard should have waited until more artists made exclusive deals with individual retailers to change the chart methodology.

16%: Yes. The music world is always evolving and Billboard should include sales numbers no matter where or how the albums were sold. If the Eagles sold more albums than Britney Spears, then the Eagles deserve No. 1, period.

Source: Billboard